i'm back: so i did the sunshine blogger tag

5:16 AM

First of all, I am SO SORRY. I know I unexpectedly left the blogging world for the whole of July. School just started and I've had the worst time adjusting.

Here is my day-to-day life with school:

6:00 am -- Arrive in school, drowning in sleep.
7:15 am -- School starts and my head hurts and there are subjects like MATH AND ECONOMICS, SLEEP-INDUCING.
3:35 pm -- School ends. But I, a student with other things to do in school, have meetings.
5:00 pm -- DONE WITH SCHOOL. I am doused with homework.
7:30 pm -- Finished with homework, and now I want to sleep.
8:00 pm -- Sleep comes, and the process repeats itself until Friday.

SEE. I AM DYING. I didn't find any Saturday to clear space to blog, but I'm back.

And if there are any weeks that I miss putting a post up and visiting your blog, please assume school ate me.

The absolute greatest Micaiah from Notebooks and Novels tagged me for The Sunshine Blogger Tag. Here's me answering her great questions!

What is your favorite type of post to write?

I love writing discussion posts on reading and writing! Especially if I learn about an interesting topic or writing hack that I want to share. Encouragement posts are great to write too, because it's just not a pep talk to the blogging world, but to me as well.

When did you start writing?

I started around second or third grade. Maybe first? But I have been seriously writing, as in writing novellas and novels, since 2015.

What is one piece of advice you'd like to give to new bloggers?

 And here it is, guys. The most shameful thing I have ever done in my entire life.

This is really personal to me. Back in 2015, I started a blog called Andrea Marie Writes Stuff, which morphed into Hello I'm A Teen Writer. It was an awful blog. I expected people to come and read my blog, to follow and like it, instantly. And I didn't get those, so I went on a hiatus. Blogging became tiring because frankly? No one read my posts.

Reach out to your audience. No one, I repeat, no one will find your blog if you don't go out of your way to learn and read about other blogs. Read, comment, and follow. I'm pretty sure they'll get back to you.

Do you prefer Microsoft Word or Google Docs?

I used to love Microsoft Word, but for the most recent draft I've completed, I wrote it in Google Docs. I think I'm going to continue using Google Docs because it has the tools and format I need.

What member of the Fellowship of the Ring can you relate to the most?

Random fact? I was in New Zealand a couple of months ago, and I was able to check out some locations that The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was filmed in?! Also, a year before that, I was able to visit Hobbiton, also in New Zealand, where LotR and Hobbit movies were filmed.

Okay. Back to the question. I feel like I'm a Boromir deep down, because his character really stood out to me in the movie.

How are you pursuing your dreams right now?

Aaah, this is such a refreshing question! My dream is to obviously get published. I'm currently swamped in second drafts of my book baby. I also want to get published in local newspapers for articles I write. The transition between creative writing and journalism daily is hard, but I am pounding out articles that I'm ready to edit and submit for possible publication.

What is the hardest part of being a writer?

I'm such a lone wolf. Honestly. I don't really have writer friends in real life who take writing the way I do -- as in, writing manuscripts and complaining about editing and all that. Obviously, it does get hard when I want to rant about a chapter that's hard for me to write, or freak out about a significant breakthrough in terms of plot.

Being lonely, I feel, is the hardest part. It takes an emotional toll on you, which greatly affects your creativity and quality of your work.

What is your favorite hot drink?

Definitely hot chocolate!

How do you come up with your story ideas?

I'm a paranormal / supernatural fan. I go deep into the Internet learning about hauntings, psychic powers, and all that! From there, it's pretty easy to formulate my own 'what-if's, adventures I'd gladly take on. I feel the world needs stranger, and stranger is what I'm writing.

Which do you prefer, ebooks or paperbacks?

I know this is a cliche, but paperbacks. I'm a huge book sniffer, something an eBook can't provide me. I love having a library in my room.

However, I've started reading classics on ebooks! I just finished The Great Gatsby and I'm mulling over a classic to read next.

What is one book that has made you cry?

I don't cry over books. Instead, I obsess over them and the characters for days, weeks, years, eternity. Still, I have notably teared up over Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Princess.

My 11 Questions:

1. What book would you want to read for the first time all over again?
2. What primary intelligence do you have? (Musical, Linguistic, etc.)
3. What is one of your major unpopular book opinions?
4. How many movies have you watched this year?
5. What book genre is your guilty pleasure?
6. If one movie would become a book, what would it be?
7. What is one random talent you want to have / have?
8. Mayonnaise or Ketchup?
9. What is your favorite reality TV show?
10. Who are your favorite Booktubers?
11. Rainy or sunny days?

I tag everyone in the entire universe! You guys are amazing, and if you feel like doing this, then go ahead.

Do we have any answers in common? Microsoft Word or Google Docs? What classic book do you recommend?

- Andrea <3

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  1. YAY! I'm glad you're back!!

    Ugh, I'm sorry about school, that sounds awful! Mine starts on the fourteenth this month, ew. :/

    This tag was a lot of fun to read! I use Microsoft word. XD

    1. Thanks, Gray! Good luck with the new school year, I hope you adjust better than I did :)

      - andrea at a surge of thunder

  2. Yay, you're back! :D I feel bad because I'm just about to leave on a hiatus, but I'll catch up on posts once I'm back :)

    YES. Connect with your audience! I had the same idea when I started my blog, that people would just flock to it, but when it took me three months to get ten followers, I knew I had to start reaching out more. Your advice is great!

    Rain or sunshine? RAIN. All. The. Time. xD

    audrey caylin

    1. ENJOY YOUR HIATUS, AUDREY!!! You totally deserve it.

      Oh, man, it took me around a year to learn that I shouldn't act all high and mighty about my blog. Reaching out to other bloggers has been so great.


      - andrea at a surge of thunder

  3. I WANT TO VISIT NEW ZEALAND! Semi-off topic, but I remember one of their airline companies ended up doing a safety video featuring scenes and characters from The Hobbit, and it makes me sad. That's so cool you got to visit the areas, though!

    I do hope you come back blogging regularly, though! I know it's tough getting back-- I'm soon going to have your schedule and I am not ready for it. Perhaps schedule some blog posts in advance? ^.^'

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. New Zealand is the greatest! It's probably one of the prettiest countries I have been to. And I haven't checked that video out yet?! I should find it sometime.

      I intend to hang around in the meantime! I actually have a couple of posts drafted but I never found time to post and check out other blogs, but here's to hoping August won't be as frantic.

      - andrea at a surge of thunder

  4. Yes, you're back! I'm excited to read your posts again. XD I'm actually quite a fan of Google Docs myself, but I only use it for second drafts, and first draft on Scrivener. :) I had lots of fun reading your answers, Andrea!

    1. I'm happy to be back, and sorry I disappeared, Melissa!

      Google Docs has been really interesting so far. I've never really gotten into Scrivener?! But I would love to save up for it sometime because I know so many writers love it.

      - andrea at a surge of thunder

  5. You've been to Hobbiton? That's SO COOL! *fangirl activated*

    The comic book genre is my guilty pleasure... not graphic novels, just Marvel and DC. I feel like they're considered lesser literature, and I always feel the need to mention that I read classics and YA as well so I still qualify as a bookworm??

    Loved reading your answers! Welcome back :)
    Jem Jones

    1. AH YES! And at that time I wasn't really into LotR and The Hobbit, so I'm regretful I didn't experience that much fangirl-ness?!

      I have read a few comic books (especially Archie and the classic Betty & Veronica) and the Orphan Black graphic novels and I'd love to read more!

      As long as you read, you read! Thanks, Jem.

      - andrea at a surge of thunder

  6. WOOHOO YOU'RE BACK. looking forward to seeing more posts from you! i prefer google docs for school work, but microsoft word for my writings. this is more of a modern(ish) classic, but i would recommend reading The Secret History by Donna Tartt.

    loved reading your answers! :)

    1. Ah that's an interesting combination, really! I just finished drafting a news article for school and I wrote it on Microsoft Word. It's cool how all of us have different preferences.

      I MUST CHECK THE SECRET HISTORY OUT SOMETIME. (I always say I need to check books out, and by now it will take me forever to finish that list.) I've heard of Donna Tartt a lot!

      - andrea at a surge of thunder

  7. EEEEP I LOVED READING THIS TAG, ANDREA! <3 omg your life sounds absolutely manic right now! *gives you hugs and lots of comforting waffles* Discussion posts are my favorites to write, too!! I feel like the best part of blogging is getting to chat with followers in the comments. That's where the real cool stuff happens. *adjusts sunglasses* Also that's so awesome that you went to New Zealand!! I really want to go there someday it looks soooo beautiful. :')

    rock on,

    1. Thank you so so much, Abbiee! I appreciate the waffles. And yes, discussion posts take a lot of work but it's so rewarding when you get to chat with other bloggers about your views.

      New Zealand is the prettiest! I already want to go back, and I can legitimately see myself living there.

      - andrea at a surge of thunder


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