why you should consider writing a book

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Today we have a list. Another list, but I hope it’s convincing enough that by the end of the post you’re hit with a sudden epiphany that your mission in life is to join the majestic writerhood and to write books for the rest of your sane life.

Plus, I have a few photos on me being mysterious without a face (I promise you I have one) with my books.

Why should you write a book?

My favorite books in early 2016!

You get to babble about writing to other creatures the whole day! What’s not to love? (Even if other humans potentially have no idea what you’re talking about with your POV problems and dialogue dilemmas)

My favorite thing to do is to take pictures at the end of the year of all the books I've read! This was my 2015 Reads photo.

“Hey, I have to go, I need to write.” Then you promptly duck, run away, and hide. It works every time, I’m pretty sure. Writing is the greatest productive excuse out of anything.

Writing a book teaches you a lot of abstract nouns. Determination. Grit. Perseverance, and many more. Writing a book has got you covered, I’m serious. After writing my first book I ended up becoming braver in terms of my writing and really learned how to be persistent with what I wanted to achieve. Editing, I’m sure, has so much more in store.

My 2016 Reads photo.

Not only do you get to immerse yourself into this new world of writing, but you get to learn more about things that most people could just glaze over: from plot sequences to character arcs. You become critical and understand so much more about the industry’s many realities when it comes to the media and the stories we’re given.

See that neon sign downtown? It’s a secret symbol for this writing club. Every member gets initiated by proving they have the carpal tunnel syndrome and bloodshot eyes. They have daily meetings wherein they hiss at the sun, wail at the mention of word counts, and stab themselves with the Sharpies they use to underline sentence fragments.

#5 is my favorite reason. What reason would you use to convince someone to write a book? Do you have your own? Share it all!

(Oh, and side-note, sorry for this really short and underwhelming post! I'm still vacationing.)

- Andrea <3

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  1. I love those photos. XD And yes to all these reasons! I too am part of this mysterious writer's club, and we are open to all new members. Prepare yourself to cry over fictional people if you wish to join.
    Great post! :D

    1. HAHA YES. That's a great requirement for the club.

      - Andrea at A Surge of Thunder

  2. Excellent reasons, Andrea! (and yes, #5 is definitely my favourite too)

    Looking at your photos, my thoughts were:
    1. [Check that you don't have a head] [I mean you do have a head, but not in the photos] ;)
    2. "Have I..." *gets very close to screen and squints* "...read those books?"

    My favourite reason for writing that I've found is: because kidnapping people and forcing them to act out your interesting make-believe worlds is technically illegal. ;)

    Jem Jones

    1. HAHA! I promise I have a head, and ooh have you read any of them?

      Yes to that, I think kidnapping people won't make them very willing to act out our scenes in our books :)

      - Andrea at A Surge of Thunder

    2. I haven't read many of them, actually! I've read the first 4 or so of the Throne of Glass series, and the first two of the Selection series. I want to read Cinder, though, and I've seen a few bloggers mention Illuminae, so it's on my TBR list as well. (I see Mrs Morrill's book in your pile, as well! Haven't had the opportunity to read it yet, but I hang around GoTeenWriters a bit, so I know the name.)

      Jem Jones :)

  3. My favorite one is using it as an excuse to get out of social situations. "No, sorry guys. I gotta go do my writer things." XD Also, it's just fun to create! Nice post. :)

  4. I LOVE this post! Writing a book is hard worth, but it's definitely worth it -- even though I'd be too shy to bring it up in a conversation. XD Also, are all the books you read in the year BOOKS YOU BUY??? I wish I could be you, girl. (And afalkdjfladksf I see The Midnight Star DID YOU DIE DID YOU DIE??? I DID AND THAT IS ONE OF THE FOUR BOOKS I'VE EVER CRIED OVER. *cries*)

    May @ Forever and Everly


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